Yes, another Bioshock Infinite joke. I know it’s being done to death right now but I had to make this one. I’ve been saying since the original Bioshock that it’s a bit odd how the protagonist will eat pretty much anything. But, In this game, you can loot Pineapples, I mean, full Pineapples off of bodies! I mean, do these guys understand the concept of a lunch box? Also, How the hell does Booker eat an entire Pineapple in one bit and gain health from it? I would imagine his mouth filling with blood as he sputters out the words “WHY PINEAPPLE?! WHY?!”

In other news,  If you are a resident of San Antonio, TX or the surrounding areas, you don’t want to miss the up coming Alamo City Comic Con! It is it’s first year here in San Antonio and it is really looking to be awesome. They are already doing things right, like having the con at Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center (Unlike other cons who have theirs at shitty, run down venues). Also, they just announced that they are working with AMC to bring the cast of The Walking Dead to the convention! Check out the site and Like the Facebook page!

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