I had a few ideas about how baby Mario could get in trouble. This is probably going to be the first of a series of “The Misadventures Of Baby Mario”.

Jen actually colored this strip today! We are discussing the option of having her do the flats on the pages of the comic book we are making together. Not only would that help cut production time down, but it will involve Jen in the project even more. First she needs to learn to use the tablet a little better though, so I let her practice on the comic, with my guidance. We are hoping to buy her a cheap tablet of her own so we can work on it together. I am really enjoying working on these pages! Art has been a big part of my life since I started trying to draw comics like my older brother John back when I was in elementary school. Since then I have loved drawing. Lately however, it had kind of lost it’s spark. I wasn’t interested in drawing as much as I used to be. But since Jen thought up the idea of doing this comic, and Shane Arias paying for the website for the next year, it has really motivated me to get back into it. And it’s been lots of fun. I can see my art getting better and it’s super exciting. I am really glad to have you guys along for this journey as I better myself as and artist and I hope you enjoy what I am putting out. I love doing this comic. Thanks for reading!

If you guys want to check out the cover of the new comic or see two of the pages I’ve done, go check out the Extras section of the page! Also, If you have any ideas for a cool name for the comic, let me know in the comments. If we go with your idea, or it inspires us to come up with a name, we will credit you in the book! Here is a short description of the story.

It’s about an 11 year old boy who gets transported into a Metaverse that contains the worlds to every video game in existence and his adventures there. (It is very different from Tron, Wreck-It-Ralph, and Reboot but keep those in mind)

Goodbye Forever